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  • Victoria’s VGCCC Opens Dialogue on Bingo Regulation: Promoting Fairness and Player Protection


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Victoria’s VGCCC Opens Dialogue on Bingo Regulation: Promoting Fairness and Player Protection

Updated:2024-06-18 15:28    Views:130

The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) declared on June 6, 2024, the initiation of a comprehensive examination into the rules governing bingo within the state, aiming to solicit opinions from industry stakeholders and the wider community. This inclusive approach seeks to deepen the understanding of sectoral challenges and explore avenues to fortify regulatory and industry practices, ensuring the game remains social, secure, and equitable.

Understanding revenue dynamics:

Commercial bingo in Victoria stands as a significant revenue generator, with reported revenue soaring to $107 million in the fiscal year 2023, surpassing Keno revenue by a considerable margin. Beyond its economic impact, bingo serves as a source of social interaction and offers opportunities for prizes, with a portion of proceeds allocated to charitable causes.

Fran Thorn, Chair of the Commission, highlighted in the Commission’s press release the modernization of the commercial bingo landscape, transitioning from traditional paper-based formats to electronic enhancements with substantial jackpots. Thorn emphasized the importance of assessing fairness, integrity, and the prevention of gambling-related harm, particularly among vulnerable groups such as seniors, First Nations communities, women, and individuals with lower incomes.

Despite existing regulatory oversight, reports and allegations of unlicensed operators and potential fraudulent activities persist. The Commission aims to scrutinize the adequacy of current bingo regulations, evaluate the susceptibility of cash-based transactions to criminal activities, and assess the distribution of profits to support community organizations.

Embracing technological evolution:

The inquiry presents an opportunity to comprehensively comprehend the dynamics of bingo and its evolution alongside technology. The VGCCC seeks to understand the social significance of bingo within communities while identifying and mitigating risks to prevent harm and uphold the integrity of the game.

The VGCCC extends an open invitation to all concerned parties, including customers, industry participants, community organizations, and citizens, to actively engage in the inquiry and contribute to shaping the future of Victoria’s gambling landscape.

The inquiry into bingo represents Victoria’s ongoing commitment to refining gambling regulations following recent changes to online gambling account rules. These changes focus on improving transparency and reducing harm to players. Operators failing to comply could face significant penalties, reflecting the state’s dedication to responsible gambling practices.

In April, the VGCCC confirmed changes to rules for online gambling accounts in the state, reflecting the government’s proactive stance in adapting regulatory frameworks to address emerging challenges and ensure player protection.

As the inquiry unfolds, Victorians are encouraged to participate actively, contributing their perspectives to shape a fairer, more transparent bingo landscape that prioritizes social responsibility and player well-being. The VGCCC remains committed to fostering an environment where gaming activities are conducted with integrity and accountability, aligning with the state’s broader efforts to promote responsible gambling practices.

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